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Side Conversations, or Best Listicle Ever

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Distraction is 9/10ths of the Internet, right? Liberté, fraternité and doge. So of course, it’s nice that text-editors ship with “distraction free-modes.” It’s nice that certain kinds of technology problems command the kind of focus that could block out a hurricane.

And yet. Talking about what’s going on in the world is part of journalism. It’s a requirement. An uninformed journalist is a very, very hungry one. “Hey, did you hear about this, what do you think of that, here’s the link.” It’s the water we swim in.

And to be honest, these two aspects of work on the News Apps team really complement each other. We solve problems and carry on conversations through our computers as a way of life, taking breaks from one to be rejuvenated by the other.

So, rather than be selfish and NOT share with you some of the wonderful things we’ve discussed on the side, I’ve decided to use this post for the greater good of all, and present them below. As a listicle. A listicle for good. Not evil.

1. “Hey, so, all of you have minds. If you enjoy exploding them while learning new things and staring at pictures, boy do I have a link for you.”

2. “I’m going to just ask her, it’s a data visualization of conservative and liberal hashtags on Twitter and how separated the two sides are – almost no overlap.”

3. “Until I meet a wysiwyg editor that can do everything I can do by hand, I’m not going to believe you.”


5. “‘We also can not take your money – money that you earned with your brain, knowing that taxes will be used to provide weapon for criminal group that will use it against you or to build prisons where you will be held for stating your civic position.'” -posted by the PyCon Ukraine organizers

6. “‘Want your name removed? It’s all public information, and we didn’t need your permission to build a website and put public information on it, but we do have a policy.'”

7. “Actually, here’s a way to make it without sous-vide (and wow, those brussels sprouts sound amazing):”

8. “Thanks to moving, I now know how to dispose of leftover latex paint safely.”

Chicago Garbage Etiquette

9. “I never want to walk like a regular human being again.”

10. Needs no explanation.

And, finally, this one goes to 11.

And now, back to work.


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April 14, 2014 at 9:54 am

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