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Tostones: easy TableSetter testing and deployment

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We’ve blogged before about what an awesome tool Propublica’s TableSetter is. Its a fabulous way of presenting tabular data online with minimal custom development. The way you know we love it is that we use it all the time. Including today.

What we’ve never shared is the totality of our awesome rig for testing and deploying tables built with TableSetter. In order to remedy this today we’re open sourcing Tostones, our solution for managing local testing and deployment to S3 of our finished tables.

Tostones wraps TableSetter with a set of fab commands. The ones you will care about are:

fab build_tables
fab runserver
fab build_and_run
fab [staging|production] deploy

There is also:

fab shiva_the_destroyer

(Use with caution.)

Using this rig has allowed us to develop and deploy new TableSetter projects in as little as two hours (including content production). We hope it will enable others to exercise the same sort of agility.

Tostones has been tested with TableSetter 0.2.3. Get it on Github.


Written by Christopher Groskopf

November 19, 2010 at 8:59 am

Posted in Apps, Open Source

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